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Mission & Values

Our commitment and desire at Omnipurpose, is to see and help people become the very best they can, and should be. We delight greatly to see people and processes grow.

GROWTH is not merely a goal; it is the essence of our being, the heartbeat of our organization, and the compass that guides our path. We firmly believe that the pursuit of growth is not optional but imperative, both for individuals and for the collective success of our enterprise.

LOVE is the cornerstone of our beliefs and actions. We understand that love extends beyond mere affection; it's about empathy, compassion, and a deep sense of connection with one another, we harness the transformative energy of love to build a brighter, more harmonious future."

PRODUCTIVITY, for us, is a mindset that drives us to constantly innovate, set ambitious goals, and measure our progress rigorously. We believe that by embracing productivity as a core value, we can not only accomplish more but also enhance the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our team members. Together, we harness the transformative power of productivity to elevate our organization to new heights and drive lasting positive change."

FREEDOM, to us, is a beacon of hope and a source of empowerment. It signifies the autonomy to make choices, the liberty to voice opinions, and the respect for diverse perspectives. We champion the idea that fostering an environment of freedom leads to innovation, creativity, and the unearthing of hidden potentials within our team.

Our commitment to DEVELOPMENT extends beyond our organization. We seek to empower communities and individuals to reach their full potential through education, training, and access to opportunities.

Our Team

Together Everyone Achieves More...

Dr. Adebankemo O.

CI/Lead Coach

Segun A.

Hub Rep Ngr./Lead Coach

Nife E.

Program Co-ordinator

Patrick S.

Hub Rep - Rwanda

adebankemo oduguwa

Irabor J.

Hub Rep Ghana/Lead Coach

Patrica A.

Hub Rep - USA

Bowale S.

Editorial Lead


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