Dr. Oduguwa is a trained veterenarian, an experienced purpoe & creativity coach, Writer, Innovation Strategist & CEO of Darlington’s Food Animal Konceptz and Darlington’s Veterinary Clinic and Marts.

Dr. Adebankemo has been recognized as one of the top creativity coaches by COACH FOUNDATION.

Segun Alonge Jr is an incurable reader and tireless educator of Nigerian origin. He addresses critical issues affecting an individual’s social, mental, and spiritual development.

Patricia Azike has a deep appreciation for local culture and the region’s stunning landscapes, igniting her passion for exploration. Now based in the United States, Patricia is conducting doctoral research focusing on mathematical models. She finds solace and inspiration in the natural world and enjoys sharing her reflections and experiences through writing.

Patrick’s volunteer work as a translator since 2018, reflects his commitment to effective communication and cultural diversity. As a Representative in Rwanda, he aims to foster cross-cultural understanding and drive community growth and innovation.

Irabor Joseph Osemudiame is originally from Lagos, Nigeria, and currently residing in Accra, Ghana. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Health with a focus on behavioral health and trauma care at Alfred Nobel University in Ukraine. He possesses the skillset to provide solutions for individuals facing mental health challenges worldwide.

Nife Emmanuel is a versatile individual known for his diverse roles and unwavering commitment. Nife’s exceptional talents and unwavering dedication make him a valuable asset in coordinating programs and events, adding depth and vibrancy to every project.


Why Choose Dr. Adebankemo?

Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds and words weave stories that touch the heart and mind. Explore our collection of literary treasures and embark on a journey of discovery with Dr. Adebankemo. Connect with us today to dive into a world where words have the power to transform lives and ignite change.
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