Dr. Oduguwa Adebankemo is a trained Veterinarian, an experienced Purpose and Creativity coach, Writer, Innovation strategist and C.E.O of Darlington’s food animal konceptz and Darlington’s Veterinary Clinic and Marts.

She is a God-lover, and she believes in excellence beyond the naturals. She is often called “the voice you had always needed per time”.

She is a diva of many colours, each colour showcasing great class and honour.

She is a seasoned speaker; she has convened and facilitated at several events and platforms with fantastic records of impacts; she creatively captures and addresses issues about life and people aptly, without stress and bore.

She is also an amazing spoken words artist, using words that penetrate so deep, yet, giving great relief.

As a purpose and creativity coach, she uses her experiences on how she fought mediocrity and complacency to help people find and put the different dots in life together.

She is a go-getter, a believer of possibilities, knowledge enthusiast, a good listener and an ever-ready helping hand.

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