31 Days In My Head (FREE)


January is known for its Freshness, subtilty, a few doses of Spring, a Fresh start and of course lots of Travails and Adventure.

This and many more are the underlines of this amazing Anthology crafted from inert daily experiences and imaginations.

The 31-day Trip will affectionately throw your mouth wide agape and stick you glued to each chapter.

Its aim is to plunge into your minds deeply thrusting with words in simple complexity.

I do not hope that you jettison through, that the messages loudly whispering may be rammed into you just as it did mine.

Adebankemo is known for her superfluous dexterity with words that will penetrate the deep of your hearts and bless your soul.

Every Page contains not just a Poem, but a life-Changing Experiential Knowledge.

Have a Smooth Read. This is just the beginning of the Jolly Ride, yet expect more dynamism and blessings from the Doc!

“Only Awesome things happen to us”

Alex Ademola ADEREMI
Writer. Poet. Virologist
+234 81 375 07280

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