Dangers of Poor Animal Hygiene (FREE)

The literature on the consequences of improper abattoir/slaughterhouse procedures and hygiene.

Dangers in Nigeria has been lightly handled but have left our country a no better place than it’s chance but this time we all must work hard and right to make things just as they should be!

We would be briefing on the dangers associating with the improper hygiene of OUR very own FOOD ANIMALs as it has left the zone of bearable to a red-quit
zone for us.

First, we have heard of the “sudden infections” of butchers and those consuming the meat due to lack of orientations or not following them so to
say about their hygiene regulations at their different post of work take slaughter slabs for an example.

The record of spread of infections to the workers at different slabs needs urgent change and a proper orientation which must be facilitated before the country’s stomach is bloated with infections that soon claim all individuals after it must have dealt with the food chain of and from our animals.

Ideally, we gain more than lose when we do things so right and thus, we would not fear our pasts since we took good care of it. Be a part of this movement and stop the spread of infections from the unhygienic slaughterhouse to the butchers and environment at large.

The terror of “poor meat quality” has caused more harm than good to our precious society. Those who were supposed to love our meats have endured the stink and turn their backs on making a good rank of them.

The hygiene of a slaughterhouse is capable of giving our meets the quality they deserve if we can just do things right enough but we have been ridiculed by ourselves because we disengaged the standard that was created to work perfectly for us.

I strongly know that giving the chance, our meat qualities are fit for the best across the board of others but we just need some push by adding neatness to our slabs.

We all agree that wholesomeness and healthiness of meat at our slaughterhouse cannot be overemphasized.

Can we work towards both? I KNOW WE CAN, we just need to try!!!

Whether we like it or not, our standard of living is truncated by poor hygiene at our slaughter slabs, this so much will lead to many other injuries to our personal lives and country as a whole.

As what hurts a man is what comes into him more than what goes out of him, our health is a big part of our living, even the essence of it that must be taken seriously.

The nation tries to provide the best location ought with our brilliant Veterinary Doctors, animal scientists and researchers to maintain a whole slab system, hence, we all must take our parts to avoid severe damage to us which reduces our standard of living.

Beyond these are many other significant dangers associated with improper slaughterhouse hygiene which should not and cannot be overlooked.

Dangers like Reduced Profit for butchers and owners, fewer exportation preferences, high risks of spread of zoonotic diseases and even Death to individuals eating such unwholesome meats.

Sincerely, anything worth eating is worth the double-check… If you must eat them, let them be passed just right.

Here are some anomalies to eradicate in our societies today both at general or personal slabs.

A. Floor contact of forequarter during carcass splitting



B. Meat contamination by flies


C. Unhygienic slaughtering during pig evisceration



D. No separation of live pig and also meat are processed at the same place contaminated by previous animals slaughtered. {Pictures from FAO, www.fao.org}


Say NO to improper slaughterhouse hygiene!


By; ODUGUWA Adebankemo
@Food Animal Konceptz-FAKz

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