IF NOT YOU, WHO? BeYou2022

I remember being at the office of the Head of Senate and Admissions.
I was presented with two remedies to choose from.
Both were adjustments that could make or mar my future; it was saddening and frustrating. I knew what I wanted but it wasn’t in the options.
There and then, I decided and that morning was different.
In fact, I didn’t only cry but wept uncontrollably, asking how I ended up in such a dilemma.
“Why should I have to decide between two terrible options?”
Nonetheless, the decision was already informatively made. Later, I realized the question should have been, “if not me, who else should have been in such a dilemma?”
Things quickly turned around; as they began to take shape, my thoughts followed suit.
Who else should choose between her destined profession and just another certificate?
Who else needed time off to painstakingly put all things right?
Who else deserved to see colleagues leapfrog her because of some flimsy organizational error?
After a while, my thoughts graduated again:
Who could have made her first million from the profession she had to sacrifice for?
Who got the opportunity to work in three countries from two continents to build her career?
Who would find peace and life in her choice/divinely orchestrated career?
The answers?
However, in the beginning, when I had to bear all the hurt, it seemed overwhelming. But if I hid from a little setback then, how could I have enjoyed the great stuff now?
Besides, perhaps I needed to undergo that process before the present result could manifest. Maybe it had to be “me” then, and it resulted in “me” now!
So, who else would you rather be?
Choose you for a better you! Be You!

2 thoughts on “IF NOT YOU, WHO? BeYou2022”

  1. Great read!
    I lost life-changing money in some pony scheme last year, resigned from my job, and decided to take up another challenge in life. It hasn’t been easy but I believe the battle is meant for me alone and I need to make me happen.

    Thanks so much for this 💜

    1. Dr. Adebankemo

      You are very welcome! The ability to take responsibility for one’s action is golden. You’ll be happy you made your best decision sooner or later! Keep making wise decisions…

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