Anticipate challenges

Once you decide to do anything, obstacles begin to show up. The bigger the goal; the greater the challenge! Many burn out at this stage. Don’t be another number! You have endured the decision-making process but you have to get going. You would be tempted to compromise. It can come in different dimensions and shades but you’ve got to recognize them and bend not to them.

Do not compromise on your value system, if you do, you might still hit the mark but there would be no sense of fulfillment. As much as progress is a virtue, it could also be a vice. Progress made at the expense of your self-worth is not worth it. The end, many say justifies the means but the means is also part of the picture. A man who goes all out chasing after financial gains with little attention to his wife and children might have a noble desire. At least, the family has to feed and clothe, amongst other necessities of life, but he would sooner realize that after all the money is made, he had lost a vital part of his life–intimacy with his family.

Ensure your eyes are fixed on the goal. Obstacles are meant to be surmounted not avoided. When obstacles arise you can change your direction to reach your goal, if need be. But you do not change your decision to get there. It might require more time and energy but I can assure you that it would be worth the effort. You would share the success stories and many would be inspired by it. Let the world know that all things are possible with the one who believes. Stay on course and shun distractions.

The year is new. Are you?

Segun Alonge Jr

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