I woke up very tired today, though very grateful and happy but left something too important out-getting up to make my dream come through. I gave in to my feeling, I wanted more bed time, loved the smooth, cozy feeling from the mattress and some caressing (Forever in the moon). Making the choice to stay a little longer  in bed wasn’t the highest downcast of the day because I felt I would make it up some other time but guess what, my entire day was or has been unorganized, dull and full of regrets.

The tons of tasks I couldn’t bring justice to, the list of responsibilities I neglected, the loads of opportunities I missed, the new things I would have learnt but didn’t give myself the chance. I was just unrested, unhappy and lost through the most part, but I’m here now, trying to make the most of the little time I still have, hoping it works out well in the end and count the day as half or at least 30% worth a fair day. All these thoughts and realizations made me come to a conclusion that I really do not love myself or does it look like I like myself?

This will be a reminding note to myself for any other day that I want to enjoy a present cushion than preparing for a comfortable future that ‘the decision isn’t worth the rest’. In fact, the rest was an unrest and I wish I really didn’t take it.


Now the day is over or about to be, what would you do if the deed has been done? Are you willing to face the consequences and pick it up from there or you would rather keep crying over the spilled milk? If you choose the latter, it will be really foolish of you because you are in to wasting more time sulking than renewing the chance for making amends.

I understand how frustrating it can be and how bad you may not be able to get the wasted moments, how sad you wouldn’t be able to unsay what you said, how terrible you must look at yourself in the mirror and amongst your colleagues, how you should have studied right and longer, how foolish the investment made you look, how annoying the situations got and how the advice you took made you doomed. However, you must stand to look at it another way. Learn from that, draw out a reminder in your heart to never make the same mistake again.

Here are some tips to getting over Regrets better for your mental health sake;

  • Can you forgive yourself? Please, do!

Don’t let the error haunt you too badly that you lose interest in yourself, your dreams and bright future. Try to forgive yourself first, you would do better if you knew the result would come this way. It is sad enough to be here but the same you can still harvest a reasonable chunk to bounce back. Trust me, I have been there severally.

  • Decide to take the next opportunity.

Though the plan is to let the past stay where it is and embracing the future, yet, being on the lookout for the next real thing is key. How you do this is making reasonable lessons from the trends of things, placing charts on how best you know you have actively won and lost in time past, then bringing the knowledge to play smarter in the next game. Decide to go all out and ready for the next opportunity, do the next thing with utmost preparation, and engage the energy of the regrets to making something meaningful happen. You have to equalize on the last slack. Go for it!

  • Understand Time and chance happen every day.

It is not unlikely that your next opportunity comes farther than expected but just understand that you have made up your mind to go big for them and patience will let you see and prepare better for them. There is a time and chance to patiently prepare every day for that few seconds which the next opportunity will last. Know that and know peace. It is not over until you are.

  • Be you.

As you get over the feelings of regrets, don’t hesitate to be yourself, a better and best versions though. This will help your hit the target so hard the next time you get the alert that the wonder will strike you too. It is like getting over a form of depression, you will get through but you need to not lose yourself while on it. I strongly believe the best version of you can be more ready and can crash any mountain and still stay in one great overcoming piece.

Hey, you have done so well taking the time out of your tough schedule to read this, don’t forget the goal and the person you are, the overcomer. I believe that in your lifetime, your purpose is bigger than what you really think. Do not let regrets take the picture away from your sight.


Dr. Adebankemo O. Michael



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