I had a friend, a semi gel;
Though our appointments are intact, but whenever she visits, I am troubled; When she doesn’t, I am bothered;
I hate missing appointments but she keeps hers against my will, still in awe why I can’t resist the visit.
I knock her wings through my arms ready to fly through my pant,
such entertainment, enough to absorb, enough to keep a bloody pool clean; Sometimes, my strings are detached,
I had to do with full spread amour, especially when heavy, the change you all know comes in handing in hours,
What a stress!
Always changing the mat in response of the drops,
I never was bored enough to count,
that is if she allows me have rest of mind to do the math.
I usually don’t have a wish granted,
maybe a prayer would fit in, just perfect;
but to who is a prayer granted?
If He made her come around when perplexed.
Well, my complaints are lodged and attended to,
a stroll from here to there makes the tension seems so;
some little exercise to keep me alive,
while I do all I can as life must intentionally go on.
Looking forward to the day I pause the meno-
Can that happen now? No, my babies, oh No!
So, for now, we endure with slight relieves of the stress;
maybe for some days till another visit;
I get to meet her every month with her drills of loaded care.
Yet, she doesn’t come alone.

Pains! She comes with her best friend;
grabbing my VEE like a cleaving husband on their first night, the roll over from my mattress edge to another,
her romance squeezes than the French kiss on my VEE lips;
she rubs my boobs pink and flirts with my spine,
pins my limbs to rest, there is none like a scissors style;
no, I meant to say no style can ease the game. While longing for the box relief,
The bathroom call comes in twos,
So, I have to also do a compulsory number two. The essence of observing my behind in public; Sometimes, I just don’t care,
whoever sees the rose on my skirt was a savior once of the same, but to call a savior in can be less amazing than helpful,
I can’t always have saviors every month,
Her best friend makes all the difference.
Yet, she doesn’t come alone.

Fever! A best friend to the sunshine state of mine;
I have wondered till I wandered,
who visits with a friend in an unwelcomed land? I was groaning about the heat,
when I heard a call from the loo;
A tease like the first time, this time they gave me an option; Checkers checkmated!
Looks like I was free for a minute or more, So, I slept off right on the spot,
I didn’t mind the smell,
It stinks like my nerves right now.
While I enjoyed the rest, a little strain woke me up,
It all kinda started again, rushed out wiped to the shower, with the drops from me hitting the tiles,
my body remembered the good past days,
when I cuddled the shower and moan in pleasure. I reached out to the fruits, sucking the juice;
I had only a breakthrough which should but won’t last,
I need to work to pay the bills,
No one ever paid me for the pains.
Yet I need to feed me to make it till next visit
then I feared the awesome idea from my hygienic mind…
Scoop it and flush in!

“She took so long in the bath tub that I feared she wanted to scoop all the blood out in one bath!”

© May 2020

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