Kindly allow me to expatiate on the quote that says, “you have to lose yourself to find yourself.”

As humans, beneath skinny bones, we are a compilation of the same elements in different ways; we are all entangled by our unique tales.

Viewing time as both pain and comfort might sound unpleasant but we must consider it a more sophisticated pedigree from another angle.

At some certain pace, time can be one’s best friend, and at another pace, one’s worst enemy!

When we feel like living a moment, time goes way too fast. However, when we are about to move on, it goes way too slow.

Society is occupied with humans like us that fill the vacuum, telling us how the story should be lived.

It is okay to make mistakes.
It is okay to lose yourself.
You don’t have to be completely perfect before everything can be figured out.

I don’t support you escaping because of the fear of trying, but to risk the seeming mistake and take the possible chance.

Even when you do not get the expected outcome, you must be gaining experience. And that’s the real deal!

Go for it!
Express YOU!


Author- Akinkunmi Akinbode

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