In a world where less attention is paid to those with different opinions or outlooks on life; in a world where you’re either for or against them, how do you thrive?

Everyone seems to have an idea especially when it concerns others. Haven’t you been there–where your life and decisions are almost bullied out of your hands?

“Do it this way; do it that way,” so they say without any interest in listening to your way. Yet, don’t you think your voice must be heard; don’t you think your path must be seen?

Well, as long as your path is flooded by true wisdom, conviction, and diligence, why leave it to follow another’s?

Again, why be crippled with any sort of fear? Oh, you think you’re that inferior?

If everyone walks on the ground others have already tilled, there would be no groundbreakers.

Don’t be scared to till the fresh ground, this is how grounds are broken! It might, at first, seem lonely. You might feel forsaken, but it could just be the way to go!

No, don’t inordinately shun others. But don’t also shun YOU. Stop trying to live another person’s reality.

If you can’t use it, then don’t buy it; don’t go for it! Remember, you’ve got things to sell also, and it’s high time you marketed them. Don’t be scared that the patronage may start slowly.

Instead, have in mind, that as you add more assortments to yourself; as you promote your brand with hope and boldness, you’re bound to grow!

The message? Be you!!!


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