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ability and capability to meet all purposes...

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...by Adebankemo



Adebankemo has been recognized as one of the top Creativity Coaches by Coach Foundation.

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Watching the scar even out; is one of the sweetest experiences you can ever wish for. Shsshhhh! Don’t panic. You cannot “microwave” your destiny into manifestation, you have to trust the process. On the path to transformation, nature would also play its part. Some friends would leave you, you won’t match with some roles, some …



An eaglet fell from the safety of its nest on a farmer’s path to the farm one day. The farmer decided to bring it back home with him. He thought of several things to do with the eaglet, then, because of his limitations, he decided to raise it in his chicken coop among his many …


differentiating similarities

Differentiating Similarities will… Explain why God craves you as a woman or man; Absorb the hits and blows of life and more

31 days in my head

"31 Days In My Head" (January Journal) is an anthology in form of a journal of my muse, inspirations and poetic flairs written in January 2019. It contains both fictional and non-fictional thoughts throughout the month.

We believe that there is so much you can do!

About us

Omnipurpose is a word reformed by Adebankemo to mean the ability and capability to meet all purposes. Life is not lived unless it is lived to the full. Our commitment and desire at Omnipurpose, is to see and help people become the very best they can, and should be. We delight greatly to see people and processes grow.

zoonosis in africa

A Literature on the backlash caused by poor animal welfare.

the kingdom & relationships

Spiritual people have spiritual relationships, no person is on your life to waste it except you defer the purpose or went dis-obedient.

inferiority complex

This booklet explains what and causes of Inferiority complex and how to simply get over it. You're worth more!


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short profile
Dr. Oduguwa Adebankemo is a trained Veterinarian, an experienced Purpose and Creativity coach, Writer, Innovation strategist and C.E.O of Darlington’s food animal konceptz and Darlington’s Veterinary Clinic and Marts. She is a God lover, and she believes in excellence beyond the naturals. She is often called “the voice you had always needed per time”.

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