Watching the scar even out; is one of the sweetest experiences you can ever wish for.


Don’t panic. You cannot “microwave” your destiny into manifestation, you have to trust the process. On the path to transformation, nature would also play its part.

Some friends would leave you, you won’t match with some roles, some conversations won’t be meant for you, you won’t be able to fit in. It is neither pride nor low self-esteem. It is all a part of the process of becoming YOU.

Your passion might not have the capacity to sustain your daily exigencies, compared to your purpose.

At this point, everything matters to you. You definitely care about everyone but your self development is of equal or more importance.

No one will cry for you because everyone has their own tears. You are responsible for your life. There is no mortal being that can take you to your promised land. You can only be supported for you to become a finished product.

Humanity is a race; for you to be an athlete, you must change your mindset, follow the guiding principles that govern it and undergo series of trainings to emerge as a consistent winner.

Work behind the scenes and let people be moved by your results.

Author- Akinkunmi Akinbode

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