An eaglet fell from the safety of its nest on a farmer’s path to the farm one day. The farmer decided to bring it back home with him. He thought of several things to do with the eaglet, then, because of his limitations, he decided to raise it in his chicken coop among his many chickens.

The eaglet began to grow and in no time began to live its life as chickens do. It would peck at the ground, walk like a chick, run like a chick, play with other chickens. It never dawned on the poor eaglet that anything was wrong. In fact, it would sometimes fight for grain crumbs with the other chickens and, most of the times, wins the fight. The only thing it noticed about itself was that it was stronger and grew bigger than its peers. The eaglet was, however, happy to be the best among them.

One day, the eaglet heard a cry from the sky and all the rest of the chicks ran for safety to their mother’s bosom with fear and trembling. The eaglet followed them, but its feeling was different. It was not scared. The eaglet only felt a twitch in its heart. It felt a beckoning. However, it reluctantly followed the chickens to their mother’s bosom.

Several days passed, and it began to feel uncomfortable. It tries to look up to see the flying bird and hear the sound again. Then on this fateful day, it heard the scream, and it felt the feeling again. It decided not to cower down this time around. It decided to let the scream trigger all the body feelings.

Nature and nurture went to war in its body. It kept twitching and shivering like something was about to let loose. Then, a psychological fire began to burn in its bones. It couldn’t keep it in again, then its wings began to spread out and vibrated at a force it has never experienced before. The scream continued and it continued to allow itself be overwhelmed with the scream.

With eyes shut, body lifted off the ground, the adventure began. In few seconds, with opened eyes, it was already in the sky, soaring towards the scream.

It was its mother’s scream. Its true nature had come alive. It was raised a chicken, but it had an eagle’s DNA.

Your true nature is divine and specially designed. It doesn’t matter how the society has nurtured you. A time will come when the Deep will call out to your deep. Trace the voice of the Deep, find your spirit-Man, mount up with wings like an eagle and live your destiny.
Live the real you, BE THE REAL YOU!


Dr. Michael Okebiorun

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