Aye, the old year rolls away,

And the new year sets in,

A fresh start beckons,

A new chapter of your life unfolds.

Regardless of what the past took,

Despite what’s left,

Put a spring in your step and bounce.

Like a tiger, wiggle and pounce.

Don’t forget who you are and whose you are.

You are a masterpiece,

A complete work of art and not a sketch.

A priceless one at that.

While you think your future is bleak,

You have the privilege to call upon the one True Light.

He will flood your life with so much light,

The Luxor can’t even come close.

When the True Light steps into your life,

Darkness has no choice but to flee.

Then, you begin to hear the next steps.

He’s the voice of truth, you know.

You need not worry about a thing.

Simply watch out for the vision,

And trust the provision to follow suit.

God is still calling out to you.

… trust and obey.

Patricia Azike

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