Like No Other

Once again, it’s been too long since we shared the same air, since I’ve been enveloped in your presence. Through times of hardship, you were my pillar, teaching me resilience when words fail to capture the essence of our bond. My heart, however, speaks volumes, echoing a silent “Thank you, Dad,” that I wish you can feel.

Attempting to enumerate your influences on my life feels redundant because their significance is immeasurable and cannot be overstated. It’s common to mistakenly perceive fathers as wielding authority too harshly, assuming they choose toughness over tenderness. Yet, the truth lies in the balance—they rule with a gentle hand, guiding us to be noble leaders by their example. To truly honor their legacy, we must learn with discernment, understanding that no person is without flaws. Embracing the lessons while accepting the imperfections in every man is a testament to the complexity of our admiration.

Your journey, Dad, has always been a beacon for mine, teaching me that wisdom comes not just from embracing the good but also from acknowledging and learning from the imperfect. Thank you for being my guide, my teacher, and my dad.

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