You Are Not The Public!!!

“It’s trending.

Everyone is doing it.
If it’s not pleasurable, these many people would not have adopted it. I think I should consider it.”

You are an acting puppet!
A puppet does not make its own decisions. It simply dances to the tunes of the remote controller.

“Well, it is a public opinion.”

You are not the public! You are an individual and that makes all the difference. The world is filled with people with no identity; little wonder why they just get up at dawn and go through life without significance.
You are created to live a life not to rely on fate or happenstance.

How is that achieved? Simply by resolving to make the right decisions in matters that affect your life. So many clamour for positions of leadership when they cannot successfully lead themselves.

Leadership is first from within, before its effects is seen without. You cannot offer what you do not have.

Go for knowledge.
Seek improvement.
Go for GOLD.

Author- Segun Mark Alonge Jr. (SMAJ)

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